Best-in-class companies all have one thing in common – they effectively manage logistics to minimize costs and maximize delivery performance in support of their businesses. CabaLogistics team of logistics industry veterans has the experience and latest market knowledge to support your rail, truck, barge and steamship movements, whether your challenges are strategic, operational, or supporting technologies.

Every business function needs a periodic, objective “check-up”, especially one with numerous service providers, alternatives and opportunities for improvement. Our consultants can provide immediate guidance in diagnosing the bottlenecks and breakdowns in your logistics operations and provide practical recommendations that can improve your business with short- and long-term solutions.


Sustained improvement requires a game plan – understanding your company’s current supply chain performance compared to industry peers and “best-in-class” targets, and then developing cost-effective improvement plans that will boost both financial and operational results. PLG’s experienced team will independently analyze your company data, perform competitive analysis utilizing industry information, and work with you to develop a common-sense, improvement road map.

Network Optimization

Today’s global companies operate as a vast, complex logistical network, impacting suppliers, factories, distribution centers and customers. These networks need to be reassessed periodically for potential cost reduction and efficiency improvements in transportation movements, distribution expense, inventory levels and service improvements. PLG uses high-performance analytical tools and years of industry experience to evaluate client logistics networks and make practical recommendations for game-changing performance improvements.

Procurement Negotiation

We support clients in all areas of logistics procurement strategy development, supplier selection, negotiations and contract implementation. PLG’s team includes former executives of Fortune 200 shippers and major transportation providers, bringing both perspectives in support of quality relationships between our clients and their service providers. Our major focus areas include transportation rates, equipment leasing and transloading services.

Technology Assessments And Implementation

Major technological innovations are changing the face of logistics, from RFID tagging to electronic on-board recording hardware and transportation management systems. PLG Consulting has its fingers on the pulse of the new logistics technology frontier and an understanding of how best to practically leverage these new technologies to operate your logistics networks most effectively.

Site Selection

We take an integrated approach to site selection, incorporating core business strategies with logistics optimization, incentives strategy and contract negotiations. PLG’s broad capabilities also include an engineering team that can partner with your plant/facility team to insure a complimentary logistics infrastructure design that minimizes capital costs while maximizing operational efficiency and ensuring multiple transportation carrier access.