Caba Business Services

Since 2010 the company is working hand to hand with the most important companies of oil rig&gas worldwide.  Nowadays with more than 270 workers, we have much more capacity to increase the number of people than in 2010. The team work is one of our keys to improve year over year.


CBS Worldwide

CBS is mainly focused on projects throughout the Midwest region of africa.

But we are prepared to handle projects throughout Africa and even in other continents.


prezAs President and Chief Executive Officer of CBS, I personally want to thank my closest team for their professionalism, efforts and continuous dedication to accomplish what is now CBS LTD: A market leader in auxiliary services in the field of Oil & Gas sector in Equatorial Guinea, Cameroon, as well as in many of the surrounding countries.
Also, thank all our customers for their confidence and partnership for the growth of our beloved company.
You are welcome to visit our website and to ask everything you wanted to know about our services as well as general information about our activities in different areas. Thank you for your attention.